Peace Be With You

The inspiration from this logo came from the idea of a dove as well as fire and passion. The dove, seen in the first miracle with the flood, returned with a branch as a sign of hope that lie ahead, and lead to the promise God made for being saved. I drew upon that symbol of hope and peace and how it connects to the message of Believers International Worship Center.

In addition, the hands, reaching upward connect with the worship aspect. The open hands, placed under the dove, shows acceptance and the peace, passion and forgiveness from God into believers’ lives.  The wings, shaped like fire, represents the glory of God.


The accompanying smaller icon on the left of the dove is a flame representing the Holy Spirit and passion. The heart, to the right of the dove, represents the community & family focus as well as the openness of Believers International Worship Center.


The main color scheme also draws on the fire theme but incorporates bright colors to show the liveliness.


This logo called, “Peace Be With You”, by the student was the winning submission by Ms. Kimberly Bennett while attending Mercyhurst University as part of their Typographic Foundations Course in the University's Art Department.