Getting to Know Your Bible

Let’s admit it—the Bible seems long and boring. Large chunks of it feel irrelevant to everyday life. But what if there’s more to the Bible than inspirational stories and encouraging quotes to make us feel better? What if the Bible was meant to be hard? Is there really a payoff for pushing through the Bible’s confusion and complexity?

There most certainly is.

We believe the full library of Scripture, all 66 books, create one unified story that points to Jesus. Any investment you make will pay off. No discipline has the potential to impact your life more than spending quality time getting to know your Bible every day. Even (and maybe especially) the parts that are weird or hard to understand.

These Bible Engagement resources are here to help you take the next step in your Bible journey. As you read Scripture for yourself, you will not only discover its beauty and power, but our hope is that you will also grow closer to Jesus than ever before.

Reading Plans

One of the best ways to stay engaged with Scripture throughout the year is to use a Bible reading plan. Find a plan that fits you online or in your local bookstore.